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(Master Client)

Rising Sons is a small three-man group. Producer Joshua Maza rhythmic and melodic soul of the group. His work puts Juwon's bold, inspiring(hip-hop) vocals on vibrant display and Connor's (sung) chorus's stuck in your head. Although all three come from different musical backgrounds, they have melded into a perfect voice for a young generation. While every beat threatens to take control of your body, their music is still home to powerful messages. 


DIENASTY is a celebration of Asian-American culture. Through its lyrics and instrumentals, DIENASTY is an auditory invitation for people from all backgrounds to learn and enjoy the beauties of many different Asian cultures. As Rising Son’s first official single, we hope that you enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed creating it. This is a new start. This is DIENASTY.


Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 11.31.12

Celebrate is one of the standout tracks made by Rising Sons. While every track is unique and interesting, Celebrate has a professional level of crispness and high energy throughout. This track not only proves they have what it takes to make punchy pop music come to life, it shows that they are ready to compete within pop scene. So kick off your shoes and enjoy a new age of pop as seen from a young Asain-American experience. 

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