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(Mix/Master Client)

Dysfunkshunal is a young Washing-based band that has everything you'd expect from a PNW rock sound. A couple of singles down, Dysfunkshunal is working hard on their debut album "After These Messages" to revive the spirit of rock, young love, and a focus on lyrical prowess. Let Dysfunkshunal take you through a modern, light-hearted rendition of punk-inspired grunge. A debut album their PNW predecessors would be proud of.

Paper Maps.jpg

Dysfunkshunal at it's core, is a rock band. While most of the album has enough energy to get you out of your seat, "Paper Maps" goes to show they are far more than just one trick ponies. With soaring vocals and perfect accompanyments, this track has an overwhelming sense of space and atmosphere. This is one of the lowest energy tracks on the album but beautiful enough to make you weap. Keep an eye out for their full-length album in the near future!


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