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Video Rates

Basic - $50

Basic video packages are pre-built packages where only titles, logo, background and color adjustable. Any logo or background elements must be provided by you. Logo and branding options are available from the previous business page.


Basic Package 1

Basic Package 2

More basic packages will be available as they are put together. Come back soon!

Advanced - $100

Advanced video packages are simmilar to basic packages, but I will create your background and make the audio spectrum principles less static giving the product a little more life. See the example below!


Other than creating custom song, creating videos takes the most time out of anything offered on this site. Custom video projects can cost me countless hours of unforeseen production time. For this reason I do not charge hourly, but charged based no the elements added. Please send a detailed email for Custom Video Requests. This option also includes phone updates upon request.

Select Package

Thank you! Expect to hear from us soon.

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