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Andrew Stroud ( Leon )

Music Producer/Multi-Media Specialist




To Whom it May Concern

The purpose of this landing page is to prove in as little time as possible that I am a perfect composer candidate to maintain the standards of (Insert Business)-- and further, its incredible mission. Given 5-10 minutes of sampling my work, I'm certain it will speak for itself.  Below is a diverse selection of things I have done as a freelance producer since the collapse of my Audio Production school. I knew without a degree I would have to prove myself through my work. I have spent every minute since that day becoming the best possible composer I can be. While I hope to produce more emotion-invoking music that inspires human connection in (Insert Business) videos, the samples below show my versatility and comfort with many different styles of music and content creation. 

Below I have three curated playlists of my own works as well as other artists I've produced for you to browse.


Playlist 1: A small selection of royalty-free music I create as a hobby for content creators to use free of charge. These are examples of tracks I've done in a single day's work. "Reflect. Rebuild. Begin" shows some of the most relevant music to what I have seen from Dhar Mann releases.

Playlist 2: Some of my solo project music I have written, recorded, produced, and released independently.

Playlist 3: A selection of young artists I have produced and helped get radio ready. I'm particularly proud of these songs because they were produced in early Covid times. I had to train individuals high school to college-aged how to record over face-time, without any prior experience, in untreated recording spaces. This led to huge obstacles to overcome. The experience I had helping these dreams become reality was enriching to everyone involved.


Turn Table




Multi-Media Examples

I made this video at my second Audio Production school and it received a lot of praise. This gives great insight into my life and story. This shows my ability to craft emotion in a piece. Furthermore, a testament to my indomitable spirit and ability to overcome and push on. This year marks seven years of psychological health and the best version of myself yet.

This video showcases the techniques and skills I've developed across multiple Adobe products. I made this video upon request for an artist I work with for promotional purposes. I was given no direction, except for the music. 

This final piece is a quick bit to further show versatility. I was tasked to make this video sound exactly like the original cartoon-- with all original content. Voices, folly, sound effects, and the vintage effects were all homemade to sound original. I was also asked to voice act with no given script. 

Please call or email me for information on any of my work and/or other examples. I crave meaning in what I do and for that reason, there is nowhere I would rather put my skills to good use-- than (Insert Business).

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