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Leon is the frontman and co-writer of "Convictions of Leon". Dynamic duo Leon and Samuel are pioneers of bedroom metal. The collaboration between these two has created a unique blend of progressive rock and metal- with a modern twist. If you aren't hooked by the soaring soundscapes and unique progression of each track- you may find yourself identifying with the inspired messages. Filled with existential content fueled by a troubled past, frontman Leon hopes to share some of his deepest convictions in a way that helps others through similar conflicts in their own lives.

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Between unexpected life obstacles and the recent departure of Leon's co-writer (Samuel) production on the album was heavily delayed. 
As a result, Leon made the decision to release more than just a single as the final release before the full LP launches later in the year. "Material Love" is named after the new release featured in the tracklisting. This five-song tracklist includes remastered versions of the previously released singles as well as acoustic versions of the featured track and Convictions of Leon's most popular track, "Become the Paradigm." 
This EP better represents the sound of Convictions of Leon now- and moving forward. 

Love yourself. Love others. Love what you do!

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"I AM Hurricane" is easily one of the most aggressive tracks on the upcoming album "Absolution". Fun fact: this song came together quicker than any other on the album. Driven by the idea that we are the masters of our own turmoil- Leon came to Samuel with the track idea and the ability to (poorly) hum a single riff. Within twenty-four hours Samuel nailed the entire arrangement. Don't let that discourage you from listening because this track is worth every second, and it's head-banger approved!

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"Become the Paradigm" is the track that started it all for Samuel and Leon. A simple night of brewski and jamming, as acquaintances, was this tracks birthplace. Quickly, it became apparent the two had undeniable melodic chemistry. Soon, both a strong friendship and vision for the entire album were born. It only made sense for this track to be the first single off the upcoming album "Absolution". This song is more than just a perfect jam, it's a call to action that sets the tone for the entire forty-minute experience. "Become the Paradigm" invites you to do exactly that- become a cog in the wheel of change. A paradigm shift takes the energy of the entire world- but it starts with a change in ourselves that ripples out into the environment around us.  

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